A Bright Smile & Sparkling Eyes.   An Expanded Sense of Purpose.   Enthusiasm for the Future.

These are the children as they leave Run Free Ranch.

Can you see them?

A vision, a dream for a way to make a difference, was born over 34 years ago while tutoring youth from the Cabrini Green Projects of Chicago. As I listened to the challenges in their everyday life, I imagined one day opening a camp to enhance and nurture many of the life skills that can be corrupted by the culture of poverty. I knew that I did not want children's demographics or their socioeconomic status to define who they were or would become as adults.


I knew that with careful and thoughtful planning and dynamic leadership, this vision and dream could exist and be real. I knew that I wanted to guide this vision that would guide these children. That was thirty-four years ago. Today, I am proud to be able to say to you:

Welcome to Run Free Ranch.

We completed our 9th year of summer camp at the end of July on beautiful Baldpate Mountain in Titusville, NJ.  We had 6 campers with us and spent 5 full days learning new skills: cooking, swimming, art, yoga, conflict resolution and more.  Our guest speakers ranged from visiting an Architect's home, to a visit from local artist, Colleen Attara, and our own in-house yoga teacher, Clare Ziemer!  We continue to gather each month to take field trips and expand our world view.  The kids are implementing what they have learned with better communication skills and finding positive ways to handle conflict. Thanks to many, we have provided a safe place to flourish and grow. I encourage you to follow our journey at facebook.com/runfreeranch.