Summer Camp Info

Thanks to you, Run Free Ranch held our first program. For one week in August we took our campers each day from Trenton, NJ to a peaceful farm where they took part in a variety of activities. We learned about adventure education, emotional intelligence, effective communication and team building. We enjoyed preparing lunch from the farm’s garden, photography, journal writing, creating art from recycled materials, and experiencing the elements of nature.

Our guest speakers shared their talents: gardening, cooking, conflict resolution, wildlife facts, fishing, singer/songwriter and a Juggling for Life ensemble. A highlight for many was to write and perform their own song!

We continue to meet on a monthly basis to develop skills learned, learn new skills, and take field trips to expand our frame of reference by gaining new life experience. We have gone crabbing, horseback riding and plan to share the magic of NYC in December.

Camper Comments:


"It’s welcoming and peaceful here"


"I like working together to figure things out"


"I don’t have to be shy to speak out, it feels comfortable here"

We closed our week with a special presentation to the group. Each camper and staff shared written words, poetry, and song. I wrote a poem to sum up the week’s events as follows:

I Sit in the Quiet of My Soul

Deep in my soul where my dreams unfold,

I find a space just for you.

The joy of your smile or the kind in your eyes, 
Engraved in gold so true.
Whether mint in your mouth or a frozen mink
Our tales will surely grow.

We work together well, one on one, two by two 
Comfortable music we’ve come to know. 
The clock that you keep tells more than just time 
It ticks to your beat so free.

The race is on, please trust in yourself
Emotions aware bring peace.
RUACAT with 9 lives I shall ask but once
Much more wise I dare say and beyond

May your vision and goals collide to thyself
The result is the strength of their bond.

What wonder I feel that my dream has come true 
I delight in your part of the Whole.

You can find me aglow from the warmth that you’ve shared
As I sit in the Quiet of my Soul.

Sharon Ziemer