Summer Camp Info




Thanks to many, Run Free Ranch held its 2nd year of summer camp.  For one week in July, we took 13 Trenton youth to Snipes Farm in Morrisville, PA.  Snipes Farm is a working farm, so each day the campers were involved in "farm time", picking berries, tomatoes, holding bunnies and learning all about farm life. 


Each day the campers learned how to work together through various games, cooking, and artistic activities.  We enjoyed hikes through the woods and writing in our journals daily.


Our guest speakers shared their many talents: music, art, foraging, and yoga.  The campers truly enjoyed eating weeds from the ground and learning the many benefits of certain plants like plantains=no mosquito bites!  They also thoroughly enjoyed yoga in the pasture.


We closed our week by sharing a journal entry - What did you notice?


"I noticed that I am overcoming a fear of being around animals and nature.  I also noticed that I am not a picky eater and I am willing tro try new things for the experience.  I noticed that I was hesitant to touch George's dogs (Charlie and Monk), mostly because of their size and partly because of what I've seen animals do and my experiences."  Ameerah - 2nd year camper


"I pleasantly noticed 13 young kids this morning, awaiting the day and wondering what it would hold.  I noticed laughter while playing adventure education games.  I noticed chickens clucking and bunnies running while gentle breezes flowed.  I noticed eager children, willing to help...cut tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, or one young Vincent with the desire to wash dishes and clean the stove top!  I noticed talented young artists drawing an alien from their written names.  I noticed merry dancing to Eric's song choices and B-boxing at its finest.  I noticed a goup coming together as one, on the first day of many - sharing stories, song and laughter.  It was all Music to my Heart."  Sharon Ziemer