We are ever grateful for our many supporters who have helped us achieve our 3rd year of summer camp! 


For one week in August, we took 11 campers to Baldpate Mountain in Titusville, NJ to hold the Run Free Ranch program.  It was the most tranquil setting - overlooking the Delaware River and valley.  We utilized a fully renovated home, kitchen and expansive terrace.  The campers and staff indulged in the many hiking trails and the beauty of nature set our pace.


The campers thoroughly embraced learning to cook and adding many new tastes and textures to their lives.  We made hummus, homemade sparkling soda with fresh grapes, Thai noodles, Spicy Garlic Shrimp, and much more.  The campers were quite surprised to enjoy the gluten free, black bean brownies! 


Our first guest speaker, Shara Aaron, taught us about nutrititon, mindful eating and a round of pilates...teaching us how to nurture our bodies!  Our second speaker, Kate Mittenacht, taught us about art, and helped us create our own individual puzzle piece depicting our present selves.  Our musical guest, John Beacher, taught us about rhythm and songwriting.  We all listened intently to his profound lyrics while tapping our feet to the tiles below.  


We even experienced "Lost in the Woods" while hiking a trail.  Some of the campers and staff returned to the house to prepare lunch, while the other group went to look for a cabin.  They called 45 minutes later to say they were lost and needed help.  The camp van to the rescue...they walked an extra 3 miles that day!


By the 3rd day of camp, during our Emotional Check In - many campers said this was the best week of their entire summer and didn't want the week to end!  High School Senior and Counselor Manny, declared he will work for RFR his entire life!  We grew together through hard work, encouragement, and a willingness to be open to all possibilities from food to life's truths.