Once again, we thank our many supporters for helping us provide our 5th year of summer camp and we EXPANDED to 8 days!  We met the last week of July and the first 3 days of August on Baldpate Mountain, Titusville, NJ.  We had 11 campers in total, 6 new and 5 entering their 2nd RFR year.


We were thrilled to add two new experiences to our program this year - sewing and swimming!  Our guest speaker, Heidi Bonwell, of Scarlett Clover Designs, shared her handmade handbag business experiences with us and taught the campers how to sew.  They made their own knapsack, of which they brought to camp everyday.  It was a lot of fun, and we will definitely sew a new item every year!  Donna Weaver, of Yardley, shared her backyard pool with us, and friend, Melanie Hoover taught swim lessons.  Each child learned how to float on their back, tred water, and the front crawl.  It was quite hot all week long, so the 4 excursions to the pool, were most welcomed after a long day on the mountain!  We hope to offer swim lessons again next year as well.




Artist Rah Crawford and Michelle Bickering came from Brooklyn to teach art and how to look at things within various dimensions of space.  The kids drew their friend's eye, and after a hike observing positive and negative space, entered back into the conference room for a makeshift art gallery.  SO many talented young artists in our crew!  We enjoyed a round of rap while awaiting lunch to  "RUN FREE RUN FREE RANCH IS..."


Clare Ziemer taught yoga this year.  She teaches at her college and shared the many aspects of yoga to the campers.  They enjoy moving their bodies and finding the balance between body and spirit...outside in the peaceful serenity of mother nature! 


Another guest speaker from Brooklyn was Kelly Ziemer.  She is a social worker with teen girls and spoke to the kids about their love tank and emotions.  How to keep it full, how to discard unwanted emotions.  She played games with skittles to talk about different feelings, and had a ball on the mountain!  


We made all kinds of new foods this year...kale/collards pesto, blueberry walnut muffins, raspberry cream cheese muffins, and homemade spaghetti sauce with Ms. Rebecca Shepherd was a huge hit!  We continue to expand our palette by trying new foods and preparing them.  Many had not eaten guacamole or hummus before this summer!


We had 6 graduate junior counselors assist this year.  It was wonderful to hear them share their past 5 years of RFR experience with the new campers. The extra three days added to our week, were immeasurable.  We will continue next year with 8 full days of camp!