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Once again, we thank our many supporters for helping us provide our 6th year of summer camp and we enjoyed 8 full days!  We met the last week of July and the first 3 days of August on Baldpate Mountain, Titusville, NJ.  We had 8 campers in total, 4 new and 4 entering their 2nd RFR year.

We had 7 guest speakers this year who taught us various skills and shared their passions with us.

Evonne Williams joined us our first 3 days.  She taught the kids all about their personality traits and led a dance session, where we could expend energy to cool tunes.

Kate Mittenacht led a poetry workshop, and we made a small piece of art to attach to a large poster entitled "I Am An American"

Alana Ziemer led an art project with the campers out amongst nature.  She also taught them some games from her high school in Utah.

Tyler Christiansen took us on a nature hike through the mountain.  He taught us about various lichens, trees, and being a self proclaimed "bird nerd" taught us how to make bird calls.  He was a wealth of knowledge and we look forward to a winter hike with him this year! 

James Lattanzi, a high school sophomore, taught us about his business of buying and selling new and used sneakers.  The kids LOVED seeing the various rare shoes, like Jordan's and Yeezy's by Kanye.  It was astounding to learn that this young man earned over $20,000 from this entrepreneurial endeavor!

Clare Ziemer taught yoga once again this year.  The campers all said how hard it was to do yoga, but found it very relaxing and they felt a certain peace within.


We visited the music studio of Kari Steinert and learned about her songwriting of commercials.  The campers knew ALL of her songs from various TV commercials.  It was fun to help her create a tune, and we saw rare instruments like a mandolin.


We were fortunate to swim once again in my neighbor Donna Weaver's pool.  It is a very refreshing way to end a hot day on the mountain!


We had 11 veteran graduate campers participate as junior counselors.  They helped run various activities and demonstrated the positive character traits we desire at camp.

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