This year we are collaborating with the charter school, Christina Seix Academy in West Trenton. We acquired seven of their students over the summer and the Academy provides our transportation throughout the year...a true Blessing!

We returned to Baldpate Mountain in Titusville, NJ for our 5th year. We had a total of 11 campers this year with only one returning veteran. A myriad of graduate campers attended as junior counselors. 1st year camper Javier Rosario was our senior counselor, and grad camper Johnae Drumright was our chef!

Our guest speakers included an ER doctor, Ben Paschkes from Trenton, singer/songwriter, Ben Arnold from Philadelphia, organic imprint artist, Kathy Metaxas from Washington Crossing, and our in-house yoga instructor, Clare Ziemer.   

Each camper made new friends, tried all kinds of new food groups, hiked the mountain, and is committed to the two-year journey.