The Campers

In Phase I, campers will be selected from elementary and middle schools in Trenton, NJ.  The 2-year program will include boys and girls ages, 9-11 years old. Interested campers will fill out applications with their parents and a principal, teacher or community leader recommendation is needed as a part of the application process. Potential campers must be enrolled in an academic program and available for the majority of camper dates.


We gather together on a monthly basis and continue to develop skills; cook together, visit museums and places of interest.  We have been to the Mosaic Gardens in Philadelphia, ice skating, learned how to make mozzarella cheese in an Italian Restaurant, visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, walked the Brooklyn Bridge and gone tent camping, etc.


Graduate campers will go on a weeklong excursion to the mountains of North Carolina.  They will learn about the environment on a 169 acre former Girl Scout Camp, visit points of interest like the Biltmore Estate, and enjoy the many wonders of Lake Lure.  We also encourage our veterans to return to summer camp as junior counselors.